Forward Focused.Student Centered.Community Driven

"As your next Cobb County Post 7 School Board Member, I will serve as a representative and advocate for our community, prioritizing the success of the district and its students. I will provide the space and opportunity for the community to be heard, and for the performance of the Cobb County School District to be held accountable".         

                                                                                                                                 - Candidate Lindsay Terrebonne


Fully vested in Cobb County schools
& modern parenting.
Mom of two Cobb County students, a 4th grader & a kindergartener


When a school is transparent, people can be held accountable for their actions.  In a proper school environment, schools are accountable for student achievements and general conduct. Teachers are held accountable for learning.

Transparency builds trust, and Cobb County School Board Post 7 needs a leader that will embrace transparency. 


Cobb County Post 7 School District is diverse.  All families deserve a representative to bring their voice to the table. Public schools are our community centers, where we learn together, live together, and grow together. Whether it be diverse family backgrounds, lifestyles, or diverse learners, all students should have equal access to a high-quality eduction. Inclusivity will build stronger communities, stronger schools, and stronger leaders. 


Cobb County School District is one component of a complex, interwoven educational system.

Community involvement and engagement from parents, stakeholders, and students will build a stronger school system.  Cobb constituents need a leader that will keep them aware of changes with the State Board of Education and proposed legislation at the Capitol that could potentially impact the Cobb County School District. 


Education is, by nature, a collaborative effort and experience.

Please reach out to me.

Share your stories and experiences.

I'll listen to learn and we'll find the best way forward, together.


                                                                 Paid for by the Committee to Elect Lindsay Terrebonne