Meet the Candidate...

Forward Focused.Student Centered.Community Driven

My name is Lindsay Terrebonne and I’m YOUR next Cobb County Post 7 School Board Member! Along with my husband Aaron, and children Nina and Cyrus, we are proud to call Cobb County home and we love being a part of our Powder Springs community.  I’m deeply involved in my community and active in my kids’ lives. My community involvement includes serving on Kemp's Elementary School Council; school planning committees; a preschool room parent; and a co-leader of my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop.


Originally from South Carolina, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Retail Management from the University of South Carolina. This degree opened many doors for me as it is a business degree with an emphasis on human relations. Over the years, my relationships with working with people with diverse experiences and backgrounds have been instrumental in how well I work with others toward shared goals, common interests, and broader objectives. 

My guiding principles are based on the inscription on my college ring, which reads, “Emollit Mores Nec Sinit Esse Feros”. The translation is “Learning humanizes character and does not permit it to be cruel.”  A quality education humanizes character and is the foundation for all hopes, challenges, and aspirations for our students. Students aren’t a static demographic. They’re quickly becoming our employees, business owners, neighbors, community leaders, and future School Board Members!

Why I'm Running...

I’m running to be your next Post 7 School Board Member because it’s not enough to listen, we need a leader who will provide solutions. Our students need an advocate to ask the hard questions, seek accountability, and take action on their behalf. Cobb Schools is in desperate need of Board Members who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work, and ensure that the best decisions are made for students and staff.

On October 24, 2019, during a very contentious Board of Election (BOE) Meeting; David Banks (Post 5), Brad Wheeler (Post 7), David Chastain (Post 4) and Randy Scamihorn (Post 1), all voted against purchasing 5 buses with Air Conditioning. 


David Banks claims that,  "our children are not hot, nor affected by temperatures that exceed 100 degrees during our hot months." 


Randy Scamihorn states, "it’s not cost effective to purchase the 5 buses with AC. He went on to say children are adaptable and that this (business) decision was absolutely reckless." 


Decisions like these are a clear indication that our BOE members are completely out of touch. Bus drivers have approached the BOE on many occasions to discuss driving in temperatures in excess of 100 degrees, yet they are met with objection for Air Conditioned buses. 

When it comes to making the best decision for our kids, the vote shouldn’t be along partisan lines. Instead, decisions should be made based on the best solution to our challenges with consideration given to ALL students of Post 7.  Our parents, children, and our community should not be underserved!  


We must do a better job taking care of ALL of our school employees. It is our responsibility to ensure we are giving our staff the tools they need to be successful! This is the only way we will live up to our mission of Cobb Schools being the best place to teach, lead and learn!

As your next Post 7 School Board Member, I will bring to our families the transparency, equity, and engagement that we need from the Cobb County School District.  Let's stay "Forward Focused, Student-Centered and Community Driven".   




University of

South Carolina

cobb county School Council Member

Girl Scout Troop


 schooL and community leader

This is us.


It's the beginning of the best moments. Through love, we discover the best in each other, and find the best in ourselves.




Nina & Cyrus

Nina's 9 yrs old and in 4th grade.

Cyrus is 5 yrs old & a kindergartener.

They both attend their local, zoned Cobb County school.


Education is, by nature, a collaborative effort and experience.

Please reach out to me.

Share your stories and experiences.

I'll listen to learn and we'll find the best way forward, together.


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